Delivery Terms & Conditions

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Delivery is made inside purchaser’s location at or near a common point of entry and within a reasonably accessible area. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to make sure there is adequate access and space to complete the delivery prior to the delivery to prevent delivery service charge. Delivery service does NOT include installation.


All sales are final. No refunds. EEL accepts debit or credit card. Due to location and shipping distances, delivery fees may vary and are subject to change without notice. Delivery service is paid upon purchase of equipment or at the time of delivery. The delivery charge is non-refundable.

If terms of payment are not honored for any further services at the time of delivery i.e. delivery service charge, EEL is entitled to appoint an attorney, or debt collection institution to assert claim(s). The purchaser shall pay EEL all costs, expenses and out-of-pocket expenses that EEL incur in the expedient pursuit of claims.

Delivery Time Period

Deliveries are made between the hours of 8AM to 2PM, Monday through Friday. EEL Salespersons provide a 4-hour window of which delivery will be made. Please be aware that the given time of delivery is approximate. There is no guaranteed delivery date and time for the purchase.

Delivery Acceptance

Either Purchaser or Purchaser's Representative, 18 years of age or older, must be present to receive the equipment at the agreed upon day and delivery time period.

Delivery Receipt

Purchaser or purchaser's representative should be sure to sign the Delivery Receipt in the presence of the EEL Employee(s) to indicate delivery has been received and for 60-day warranty to take effect.

Re-Delivery Fee

Where delivery services are requested and through no fault of EEL the delivery cannot be completed, no further attempts for delivery will be made except as requested and approved by the Purchaser. Where an additional delivery attempt is made, a re-delivery fee will apply.

Delivery Service Charge

If EEL Employees make an effort to bring equipment inside i.e. entrance is not accessible (blocked by other equipment, etc.) or the equipment does not fit without disassembly, there will be a service charge of $40 per EEL Employee per hour. Any service made in less than an hour will be charged a full hour at minimum.

Void of Warranty

If equipment does not fit without disassembly and purchaser refuses delivery service charge, equipment will be placed outside point of entry at purchaser's location and warranty on equipment is void.

Force Majeure

Any disruptions to operations, cut-backs in operations, directives by public authorities with or without legal basis, obstacles to traffic, shortage of workers, walkouts, lockouts and strikes, regardless of whether they are caused by breach of contract or based on previous notice of termination, as which impair or delay our performance or those of our suppliers, or dispatch, as well as any elemental disruptions, like storm, flooding and fire, and any events and circumstances whose avoidance is beyond control or which cannot be averted with reasonable technical and financial outlays, including their consequences, shall entitle EEL to either restrict, postpone or discontinue deliveries, or to rescind the contract either wholly or in part. Any such event shall not give rise to any claim for compensation unless the claim is based on wilful action or on gross negligence.


The Purchaser agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold EEL harmless from any claims and/or liability, damages, fines, penalties and/or attorney’s fees by reason of injury to or death of any person or by reason of injury to or of destruction of property arising from the delivery of customer’s equipment at or near common point of entry during delivery and/or any conduct of the Purchaser, including but not limited to the inaccuracy of export or security data supplied by Purchaser or its agent or representative, which violates any Federal, State and/or other laws, or from any cause including but not limited to the fault, breach of warranty or negligence of EEL, its officers, agents, subcontractors or employees and/or from the fault, breach of warranty or negligence of the Purchaser, its officers, agents, subcontractors or employees. Purchaser further agrees to indemnify and hold EEL harmless against any and all liability, loss, damages, costs, claims, penalties, fines and/or expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, which EEL may hereafter incur, suffer or be required to pay by reason of such claims; in the event that any claim, suit or proceeding is brought against EEL, it shall give notice in writing to the Purchaser by mail at its address on file with EEL.

Last updated 4/15/2018

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